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Who we are

American Prime is a real estate company with vacant land inventory in several areas of substantial growth in the state of Florida. With over 45 years of experience in real estate, American Prime has positioned itself as a leader in real estate sales and financing. We are dedicated to serving you, our customer, and ensuring that your land buying experience is excellent. Our corporate offices are located in Miami, Florida.

With the incredible opportunities that American Prime offers, you will enjoy the opportunity to visit your property and our various projects to be sure that you are well-acquainted and satisfied with your purchase. Our expert representative will help you understand the most important features and details of our projects and will inform you about financing opportunities so that you can become a land owner.

American Prime has the infrastructure, experience, and ability to handle all aspects of the real estate transaction, from sale to closing. Over the years, American Prime has been responsible for turning thousands of people into property owners in areas with great growth potential in Florida.


We provide opportunities for our clients

The properties we offer are located in various areas of the state of Florida. Our vision for each of our offerings is to provide our customers with an excellent opportunity to purchase an attractive piece of real estate in an area that offers potential for rapid growth. We also provide information about the areas in which the properties are located, making sure to highlight local attractions, economic centers, schools, municipal and county infrastructure, and much more.

We are sure you will be as excited about our properties as we are!

If you have decided to buy land in the United States, either as an investment to hold or as a possible second home, now is an excellent time to make your purchase. American Prime is ready to be your partner and help you become a land owner.

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